Large and beautiful house, full of finesse and seamless beauty is always a pride for the owner, it is therefore important to choose the right raw materials to build and in the end to decorate her own home.
While selecting the material for the facade, should pay their attention to artificial analogues of these stones: we had to do it though, because artificial stone for exterior of the house will cost much cheaper than natural – its price fluctuates in a very adequate range, which enables absolutely anyone to use such materials in a wide variety of purposes.


Imitation of a natural stone

Wild stone is truly exquisite and noble material. He looks massive and will add solidity to the design of any home. Of course, nowadays hardly anyone uses the real wild stone for decoration of their homes. It is now a more convenient and suitable material: tiles with imitation of natural stone.


Internal furnish

Modern designers often use artificial stone in the interior. Potential of this material as a decorative element is almost limitless, and with it the interiors are striking in their originality and beauty. Agree, for the walls in the interior the interior of the stone, tile or textile wallcoverings it’s something completely new, because the usual Wallpaper and paint can surprise you with a large variety of shades and textures. But the finish of the stone is the case when designers vouch for the result and suggest to take the risk!
The use of artificial stone for interior decoration can be in different variations. Here you are limited only by your imagination! But we will guide you in the right direction, as a finishing material, however, has its own nuances. Offer you some great design ideas for using this spectacular decor.


Paths in a garden

Artificial stone for garden appeared on the market for quite a long time and immediately positioned itself as a worthy alternative to natural stone. Due to a number of positive qualities, this stone is lighter and easier to use when decorating the facade, socle, lay out paths, than natural. Having a wide range of textures and colors, artificial stone allows to realize the most daring modern design projects.


Subject matters of an interior

This section contains everything usually purchased individually or in addition. Vases, stripes, icons, frames… the section Also includes benches for the garden veneer for a fireplace.
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