Welcome to a site ‘ STONEDECOR ‘!
Basic made production of the company ‘ STONEDECOR ‘ is the artificial stone. Our artificial stone is made on technology with use of high-quality import raw material.
We make more than 30 types of a facing tile of different shape and colors. Manufacturing of a decorative artificial stone is made under sketches of the customer of a necessary structure and color.
Alongside with this finishing material the company makes: a thin brick, a road tile, a blocks of stone , architectural elements.
We still can produce according to client’s order, any stone of any color and hue.
To Your house, apartment, office, garden acquired a stylish, cozy look we offer You to visit our showroom where you will be given all the samples of our products.
You will find here everything you need for finishing, interior and exterior design of Your home, landscaping areas around the building:
facade stone and stone for internal works
garden and paving tiles;
small architectural forms: benches, fireplaces, steps and much more
Ever hear the expression: “Eyes run”? – it is about our customers, because one who comes to us for hard to choose from the beauty and diversity of the gems that he will enjoy for years to come.
Our friendly prices will surprise You!
And yet, each of our buyer, we have prepared a beautiful gift that fits in perfectly with our
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